17 January 2010

resolution 2.0

This year's resolution continues on my theme from 2009. Last year, I "greened" up our household environment - got rid of chemicals, changed our food sources a bit, and started to make more of our food from scratch. I'll continue to build on that this year, but I've decided to focus more directly on me, too.

Here's my wish list of changes I'd like to make in 2010:
  • waste less food - stop throwing out leftovers, plan meals, compost 
  • create less waste - greatly reduce the ziplock bags in my life, reuse/repurpose household stuff
  • get back to my meditation practice
  • go back to ballet class
  • switch over to natural beauty products - makeup,  face cleansers, fragrance
  • detox my own body  - take vitamins, stop taking medicines (including BC), do a cleanse, decaffeinate 
and here's my biggie (guys, you can stop reading here, TMI...)
  • stop using disposable feminine hygiene products. That's right - I'm going to attempt to make the switch to the Diva Cup.
Never heard of it? Click the link above to learn more and also read about an awesome women-owned business doing great things for girls and women around the world. Oh, and wish me luck...


  1. The Diva Cup is amazing!! I've used it for years now. It can be tricky to find just the right spot in the beginning, but it gets WAY easier! Good luck!

  2. Thanks Emily! I'm getting set to order mine... I'm really excited.